Is it possible to attract a reliable and predictable stream of new clients into your health business every day?

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Health, Wellness & Fitness Business Marketing

Marketing systems and strategies simplified

Over the last 7 years we have developed some marketing systems and strategies specifically designed for those in the health, wellbeing and fitness industries to get more clients and patients.

We follow a simple 5 step approach to allow your business to generate leads, help those prospects to trust and like you and want to hire you to help them with their health issue.

The chances are you didn't get into the health business to work in marketing, so arrange your call today so you can find out how to build a client and patient magnet that works on auto pilot 24/7.

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How it works


Justin Lord from TBT90 Body Transformations who bought in £3,500 after we helped him craft a new campaign and offering for his clients.


Robert van der Wulp from Wellance used a simple underused strategy to bring in £400 in week one.


Graham Dawson from Raw Power Indoor Cycling made a £450 sale after his first week working with us.


Matt Wesson from The EMDR Academy has sold over £5k worth of workshops for his EMDR course.

Paul Laslett

Last year my business grew by 75%. In 4 years I have gone from a single trainer doing 19 hours per week to three studios, 8 trainers, and doing 700 hours of PT per month. Thanks to Tim and the team at The Marketing HQ. I have a landing page driving leads, automatically emailing clients and building trust and rapport. All in the MHQ’s capable hands!

Paul Laslett Brightside PT Southampton
Tim Quickenden

I have worked with Tim at The Marketing HQ for some years. I always recommend them when other health professionals ask me how I get clients! It just works in the background and leaves me to get on with the day to day. By the time I speak to new clients, they know who we are and what we are about and crucially that I can help them. It makes selling more like a process of booking in!

Tim Quickenden Extrafit Limited
Peter Doyle

We engaged Tim as a marketing consultant to help us with our Hypnotherapy, Reflexology and Counselling business. We already had a website but no visibility online for our local area. Tim helped us to get on page one in the search engines with a free listing and paid ads. We went from getting no leads via the website to having as many leads as we could handle

Peter Doyle Sunrise Therapies

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