How £160 turned into £10k of PT Client Revenue in under 30 days – Case Study

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This is a real ad campaign for a PT studio, with very real results which has been running over the past month.

I’m going to be as open as I can and give you as much detail as possible so you can swipe this campaign and use it to get similar results for your PT business.

There are loads of reasons why it’s been such a runaway success, and now I want to break them all down for you so you can get inspired to try this for yourself.

First off I want to draw your attention to the figure of 57 conversions in the table below.

What that means is that in just two weeks, we got 57 people to complete a detailed application form for a body transformation session.


That form tells us how likely it is they’ll become a customer. In other words, 57 new people who have agreed to come to the studio and train.

Pretty interesting for a PT business, right?

Keep reading…it just gets better!


The image below shows that in total in the month since we started this campaign, an incredible 124 people have completed that application form.

An average of four people a day who are keen to come in to the studio for help with their fitness. These people are smokin’ hot leads!


So what was the campaign?

We invited women who are getting married to apply for one of ten free body transformation sessions worth £99.

This particular audience is an awesome one to target for several reasons:

  1. Brides-to-be are extremely motivated
  2. They have a deadline to look and feel the best they ever have
  3. They have a fear of not fitting into their wedding dress

Here’s the ad we used:



There are a few things going on here you need to know. These are the essential elements in creating a successful fitness ad, so pay attention.

It might look like a simple ad – and to some extent, it is – but it took some really careful thought to create it so successfully. When you give your ad a try, be sure to cover all of these.

  1. We created scarcity by limiting the number of sessions available to ten
  2. We suggested exclusivity by making brides-to-be apply for a place
  3. We increased motivation by asking them to IMAGINE how they would FEEL
  4. The image alludes to their biggest fear (not fitting into their dress)
  5. The headline appeals directly to them (‘Are you getting married?’)

Now, here are the steps we took to make the whole campaign happen. All you need to do is replicate this for your own campaign.

  1. We decided on the product
    In this case, the body transformation package. A 12 week package that can be taken as 1-on-1 or in a small group, costing between £600 and £2,100.
  2. We decided on our strategy
    Step one: we ask them to complete a pre-application form. Step two:  they complete a second, more detailed form. Step one captures the lead quickly to build the database. Step two shows us who’s really serious and who we should be spending our time following up more thoroughly.
  3. We set up the Facebook ads.
    We drive traffic from the ads above to a blog post describing what the offer is. There’s lots of content there to adhere to Facebook’s terms (I.e. don’t try to sell too much without first giving some amazing value to your prospects.)
  4. We set up some online forms connected to an email marketing autoresponder account.
    This means we can run automatic follow up emails after the brides-to-be fill out the form.
  5. The studio follow up.
    They call applicants to invite them to the studio and get them booked in.
  6. The brides-to-be come to their session.
    They get great advice, practical tips and training information to take away with them (more value all the time). Once they’ve had all of this, they sit down with their trainer to talk about options.At this stage they are a very hot prospect, so a simple walk through each of the training options available to them is next. This is a hugely important step.Paul, who owns Brightside PT is a Jedi master at this, which is why he’s selling high ticket PT packages every day. But you can easily use this formula and – like his PTs – make some fantastic sales.We’ll definitely get Paul to tell us more about his Jedi sales tricks really soon in another post.
  7. We pay for traffic to see the ad.
    One of the keys to the success of this campaign (and one which you can’t overlook) is that you must pay for traffic.You’re trying to reach new people who don’t know you, then build a relationship with them over email before you meet them face-to-face and eventually sell to them.  All you’re doing really is guiding them towards the results they want – and could get – with your help.Paying for traffic simply allows you to substantially scale up the numbers of people you can reach. Posting in Facebook WILL NOT reach enough people and will not work for you alone.

Before we leave it there, I just want to revisit the first step a little – it’s just so important.

Your product is what you’re selling. In the case of PT, it’s a result.

So if you sell individual PT sessions, you need stop TODAY.

You need to create a product. A branded package which helps your clients achieve the results they want.

This will become your signature programme that you can tell the world about.

IMPORTANT: Get great testimonials as you go along and use them to reinforce the RESULTS you get.

Here’s the thing that will amaze you, especially if you’re someone who thinks that creating high priced items will put your prospective clients off.

You need to get your head around this: People will buy packages at much higher costs if you sell to them by highlighting the specific results they will get.

So in this case for the brides-to-be it might be losing up to 10kg in weight, dropping two or more dress sizes and having slender and toned arms that will make that wedding dress look unbelievable.

It’s SO much more that simply having a couple of PT sessions and a bit of nutrition advice each week.

It’s the result, and it’s the emotions, dreams and fears that are all tied up within the prospect of them achieving that result.

Running out of time to read this?

Get it sent to your inbox now as a pdf and read it later from your phone, ipad or computer – click here>>

Which is why this campaign has turned those 124 applicants (who simply asked for one of ten free body transformation sessions worth £99 – remember?) into an UNBELIEVABLE £10k plus in revenue with a tiny ad spend of just £300!

That’s a 3,300% return on investment.

But it doesn’t end there my friends.

Think of the referrals.

Think of the repeat business.

This is truly magnetic marketing.

You can repeat what we did here with your own campaign ideas right away.

You’ll make it a whole lot easier to get quick results if you pick a niche. If you simply target all men or all women in your area, you’ll struggle to strike a chord with anyone in particular.

Facebook and all the information it holds about everyone within their profiles makes it super easy to drill down as much as you like with your targeting.

Try these out for size:

  • Triathlon PB Training
  • Faster running without injury
  • Faster/more power cycling training
  • Wedding transformation
  • Fitness for elderly people
  • Body building
  • Pre-natal fitness
  • Post-natal fitness (target NCT groups on Facebook!)
  • Target specific job types (Eg. Lawyers, accountants, etc.)

When you target a niche audience you can carve out a specific campaign which appeals to them directly. You can still sell them the same product or package, but the way you target them can be adjusted to be more appealing to each audience.

We’ve rinsed and repeated this same campaign for other niche audiences and we’ve had very similar results, so let me assure you that THIS WORKS.

You have to be proactive and you have to be prepared to ask for the sale. Follow these steps and you’ll build a very effective (and lucrative!) campaign.

There’s much more information about how this system works, along with much more detail about each step to creating your system and setting up your ads in my e-book which is available for free download

Thanks for reading. I know this has been a mammoth post, so thanks for reading. You can’t skip the detail here though guys. It’s all here for you to swipe and deploy.

Here’s to your success!

Get it sent to your inbox now as a pdf and read it again later from your phone, ipad or computer – click here>>

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